Jain Chakra Activation/Meditation | Achieve 'Theta' Brain Wave States | Connect to the Master Within to Co-Create the Life you Desire
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The shift is on...have you awakened to it? 

Great transformation is taking place everywhere as the planet continues its transition into this new and next era of Unity Consciousness!
Individually, we are also each awakening to our quantum consciousness and divine multi-dimensional nature to experience the greater truth of all things; in our world, in our selves, our realtionships, and in health and wealth. Like many out there, I feel like I was born to live in these amazing times!

I have been assisting people from all walks of life in their awakening process for the last 15 years. All the offerings on this site are designed to empower and assist you on your own unique path of transformation and awaken you to your extraordinary potential and divine quantum self.

I offer private sessions utilizing the Quantum Awakening process and Akashic Record Activation. I also teach Jain Chakra Meditation, Egyptian Numerology and a series of "Quantum Awakening" online workshops so be sure to check out the calendar of events.

As within so without. The more we can transform ourselves within to know peace and move into our highest potential, then so collectively we can be more empowered to co-create the global solutions for our plant.

The use of sacred geometry throughout the site is by divine design and for your upliftment--enjoy!


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